Source Code Management

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Source Code Management involves the control of versions of each piece of application code and all required configuration items (e.g. config files, docs) to help your development team be more productive. These tools are sometimes called version control systems (VCS).

Focus on Traceability

The primary goal of a VCS is that code is never lost and that all changes are fully traceable. Your team will be much more effective with state-of-the art source code managment tools and procedures. We help you select and implement the right solution for your team along with mentoring, training and installation support. We have experience with many software configuration management tools including both commercial and open-source along with integrations to common defect tracking, workflow and requirements tracking.

Automated Workflow

Modern source code management solutions include automated workflow by creating workitems such as tasks, defects and requirements (in agile Epics and Stories). Most importantly, today's software configuration management solutions include the ability to trace an atomic changeset back to the workitem which authorized the work.

Variant in the Code

Modern VCS can also manage multiple variants in the code including branches and streams (which typically have more functionality). Variants can be used for a variety of purposes including bugfixes against a baseline that has been deployed.